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Tu seras ma voix

Messages de Vladik à sa mère (1980-2001)

Chez Louise Courteau Éditrice.

The English version “You will be my Voice – Vladik’s Messages to his Mother (1980-2001)” will soon follow.

On December 31, 1997, the life I led with my husband and two children suddenly collapsed as my son Vladik, then seventeen years old, was diagnosed with leukemia from which he died four years later. I then spent the next four years fighting my way out of the underworld where I had left him. My odyssey back from this devastated land was perilous but I have completed the journey, and not only have I gone through indelible experiences but I have also brought back a collection of messages from the beyond.

This book is the chronicle of my son’s death, my return to life, the communication we established afterwards through automatic writing, and the messages he gave to me; messages destined to help me, and others, make sense of life, death, and to become aware of the realities that separate our two worlds. In fact, these messages are what really motivated me to write this book, especially after I started to realize the impact they had on those with whom I shared them, whether family, friends, colleagues, patients or people who, at the time, I thought would benefit from them.

This book is for anyone who has been, is, or will be bereaved at one point during their life, as well as those who are at the end of life, but it also offers another perspective for anybody who questions ideas such as what it means to be a human being, the nature of our journey through life, and the possibility of life after death. It also brings a new scope of values and beliefs to those who do not find answers within the profound existential and spiritual crisis that our western society is going through.

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