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Vladik's Messages, 2011

Following the first serie of messages that are in my book, my son Vladik contacting me again in 2010, after two years of silence.

Between July and December 2011, Vladik has sent me, once more, messages destined to all of us and has asked me to put them on my Website.

I, therefore, invite you to discover them, hereunder.

I would be grateful if you could refrain from reproducing or publishing them, in any way, on other Internet sites or any other forms of publication, without prior authorization.


July 26, 2011

Vladik, love you.

The whole Universe is presently shifting its energetic make up. All the universes, galaxies and solar systems within these galaxies are undergoing tremendous changes. This change is a vibratory change, and it is sweeping the Universe as a whole like a giant tidal wave. There have been such previous occurrences before as nothing ever stays static, although nobody on Earth can remember the time when such a change has affected it and its inhabitants. This wave is not something that can be seen, it is more like a mass made of energy which carries a certain frequency, or vibration if you prefer. I cannot tell you where it comes from for I do not even know it myself, but what I know is that it cannot be stopped as it sweeps through everything that is, has ever been, and will be. As it follows its course, it affects each universe in a different way even though its vibration is the same. The difference in the way it affects this or that world lies in the frequency at which that precise world was vibrating to start with.

You have to understand, and I have said this before, everything and every form of life in the Universe is energy. Energy has this wonderful quality of affecting, and being affected by, any other energy it encounters, and as this energy is travelling through your solar system it is affecting it as a whole, having a tremendous impact on every atom that is part of it. Of course the Earth is not immune to this phenomenon and its effects are becoming quite visible for those who want to look, listen, and feel.

I feel it is important to talk about this at this time as only a minority of people on the earth plane are seeing, hearing and sensing this change at a subtle level. I have to say that the effect of this new frequency is perceived on all the different levels of reality. In my plane of existence, we are conscious of it as it has already permeated our essence, our true self and it has birthed a state of oneness the like of which does not seem to have existed before.

This new state, if you wish, comes about naturally for us and for life in general in different planes of existence, but I am afraid to say that it is not exactly the case for the people of the earth plane. This is what I want to address among other things. We are here to guide you with love in these times of evolution.


July 27, 2011

Vladik, love you.

Because of this new vibration, many things are changing. Take the notion of time for example. Time does not exists as such, it is an earthly invention that goes back to a time that humans cannot remember, and yet all of you take it for granted as an immutable reality that regulates all life on Earth. No other creatures but humans care about time, but it seems that humans cannot do without it.

It is perhaps one of the strongest illusions that have been created in your reality. I have talked about the perception of reality on the earth plane before, but at that time this new wave of energy I mentioned was not upon you, and that changes everything. This new vibration has started to change your perception of time, as though time itself was moving faster, like in a higher gear. Nights, days, weeks, and months seem to unfold at a different speed; they do not, your perception makes you think it does. Again, it is nothing but the interpretation of a collective falsification of reality, nothing more than an illusion. What is in fact happening is that this illusion, that is your sense of time, is being affected by this new vibration. The illusion is being distorted, not time itself, as it does not exist in reality.

This notion of time exists only on Earth, and is absent on all the other planes of existence. The past, the present and the future are one and the same thing as they happen simultaneously on different levels of consciousness, on different planes of existence. But because this notion of time is such an immutable concept of the human realm, and people cannot conceive the idea of existing simultaneously on different levels of consciousness, they have found a way of compartmenting these events in categories such as the past, the present, and the future, and they got stuck in it. The notion of time puts restraints on these categories as they are always subjected to a beginning and an end, instead of just happening in the present moment, in the now.

The acceleration of time cannot and does not exist in the now. This impression is only one of the many signs of the crumbling of your reality, your illusion. Yet very few people are aware of it. Others are not fully conscious of it although they seem to be tapping easily, or sometimes spontaneously, into memories of what they think to be a distant past, such as previous lives, or a possible future, without realizing they are accessing their present in different planes of existence. I was such a person when I was on the earth plane. Of course, with the perspective I have now, I can see things very differently, stepping onto the other side of the veil made all the difference in my case.

At this point, it seems that most people have this need to do more things, to jam more activities into their everyday life as a means to compensate for their perception of acceleration of time. The more they do, the blinder they become, and the more they distance themselves from what they are, living energies being presently affected by a new vibration. This blindness is nothing other than a form of resistance, and in this case, resistance is futile.


July 28, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

This new vibration is affecting everything on Earth, and not only the humans; the animal, the vegetal, the mineral realms, everything down to the tiniest grain of sand and drop of water. As everything is energy, and energy has a vibration, this new vibration has already transformed the molecules of almost all forms of life on earth and continues to do so. This adjustment is occurring without any resistance from anything that is, except for the humans. As I said, resistance is futile, and yet it is ongoing.

Change is and has always been a challenge for the human race because of fear. Fear is the biggest barrier to evolution, the emotion that keeps you imprisoned even when you think you are free. The only freedom that can ever happen is the freedom of the heart. When you truly live in your heart, you allow the energy to flow freely inside your body, to pass through it without obstacle and so, keep it flowing outside of you. I can see that this concept is not easy to understand for humans as almost no one is taught this concept in a true way from the moment one arrives in a human body because people are plagued by fear. From the moment a soul enters the body of a fetus, every single emotion displayed by the mother is absorbed by the child, which means that even before a child is born he is programmed to inherit these emotions. These imprinted emotions are then reinforced through childbirth and, of course, thereafter for the rest of the life of this person.

Fear is the one emotion that is a constant in the life of a human being and it is passed on from one generation to the next. Think about it, do you ever spend a day without any kind of fear? A fear does not need to be terror; it can be as simple as a benign concern, as a concern is nothing but a fear that something might happen or not happen, and the consequences it could have if this or that happens. As soon as the idea of even the most insignificant concern is formed, it affects the energy of oneself in a way that prevents the energy from flowing freely, and even the minutest glitch in the flow of energy creates a disturbance.

Freedom of the heart is to be devoid of fear, or other negative emotions, in order to be your true and pure self without glitches in your energy field, and to be able to merge with the universal energy. Every single thought you have affects you, but it also affects the energy of the collective consciousness. In my plane, there is no emotion, we simply are and what we are is an energy of love. Human words cannot even start to describe what this love is as it is something that does not exists on the earth plane.

To go back to the new vibration that is upon you, you need to understand that it is a pure energy and therefore, a cleansing energy. Like flowing water can carry away the dirt it encounters and leave a surface clean, so can this energy cleanse you from fear, negative emotions, and, for that matter, all emotions, to reveal what has always been there all along; your true nature that is pure love.

The problem is that the smallest perception of change, even if it is unconscious, is always perceived by humans as a threat, and then the individual fear feeds the collective fear that in turn feeds back the individual fear, and so on. This new vibration is destabilizing the collective unconsciousness by the mere fact that it is something new, and resistance is the reaction to the unknown that it brings.

As I said, this new energy has already affected all things in all planes of existence but humans in the earth plane are the only ones that are resisting it. The thing is that whether you resist it or not, you cannot change the fact that it is here and it is affecting your realm. The resistance is what is creating the turmoil that is showing everywhere on Earth, and the more resistance there is, the more turmoil there is. In the end however, nothing will make a difference as this energy, and the wonderful vibration it carries, is part of the new reality, and will sweep away the illusion and allow humans to reconnect with their true nature and be one with the rest of the Universe in total harmony.


August 2, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

Once more, I want to insist on the importance of letting go of fear. I realize this is not an easy matter for most of you as fear is everywhere you turn in your World. It is imposed on you on an ongoing basis. Fear has always been a great weapon used by rulers, as it is the best weapon ever used by humans against humans. There is no better way but to instill fear onto others in order to assert power and superiority. This has always prevailed throughout history, but now it has attained proportions never seen before due to the technology available on Earth.

Fear is the best way to enslave the masses and the media are the perfect conveyors to generate and maintain this state. When people fear, they are so easy to maneuver in one direction or another. Leaders have known that for ages and the advances of technology have made that so easy nowadays. Once the fear of such or such a thing has slipped into the collective unconscious, it spreads like a wild fire especially with the use of tools like the Internet. I do not say that these tools are bad, I am just saying that you have to be aware of how significant they are in the spread of fear. If these same tools could be used to instill peace and harmony, imagine what they could do.

Now this element of fear is what keeps humans in a position of slavery under the power other human beings because when you fear, you are not in the heart, in harmony, and therefore you are not free. Fear reinforces the illusion you live in. If you look at it, deep down, fear is nothing other than the fear of dying, and what is dying but the biggest illusion ever? I have talked about dying at length before, dying is not the end, it is another step in a spirit’s journey; you discard your body in order to go back home and think what you are going to do next. So if you are able to see death as a mere hop from one stepping-stone to another on your soul journey, why should you fear it?

Now, the influence and the consequent effect of the new vibration that is descending on Earth is making it possible for the illusion to evaporate. Cracks are already appearing everywhere, the breath of freedom that is blowing over the world, here and there, is the reflection of the reclaiming of freedom that should never have left the human race. No human being is superior to another, and the energy that is upon you is the key to open the door of your prison. The more you feed on this energy, the more you open your heart, and the more you can see through the illusion. Because once you get in touch with the heart, fear dissolves, and you are then in a position to see things clearly and be what you are, an energy of love that cannot be subdued by anything or anybody.

All the social uprising that is growing on Earth at this time is nothing but the mounting collective impulse to defy the chains of fear, the will to destroy that fear, whereas the repression of these movements is nothing but the fear of losing the power that fear confers over others. The thing is, now that it has started, it is not going to stop. What is certain is that the outcome of this battle between oppressors and oppressed is not set, for the humans themselves are the actors that write the play. The direction the collective consciousness moves toward is what is going to determine the outcome, and the will to break free from the illusion of fear is the only way towards harmony and peace. It is within reach, it is up to you.


August 5, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

To be in the heart. What does it mean? It means you need to consciously open your heart in order to receive the energy of love that is the Divine, the Source. This love is not a mere love for other people whether they are your family, your lover, your children or your pet in some cases, it is a love that goes beyond the borders of the immediate circle of the people you know. The love I am talking about encompassed everything and everyone without distinction, without judgement, from the earth itself and all forms of life it sustains to the rest of the Universe.

Humans have a very narrow view of love because they always judge and question whatever others do, who they are and so on. They do that even if they do not know the people involved in this scrutiny. How can you open you heart through judgement? It is simple, you cannot. Love can only happen through unquestionable acceptance of the others but also of yourself. I have talked about fear, and I want you to realize that the letting go of fear is what will help humans to open the door to love. Fear kills love. How can you love what you fear? You cannot. To be in the heart means that first you must take a good look at your fears, and see them for what they are, a mere illusion. Because once you let go of the fear, then love can move in. The energy that is trapped in a state of fear, whether it is on an individual or global level, can then be released. From that moment on, room is made to receive love and give love. This process works, as everything does, on several levels, the individual, the collective and the Divine. The individual and the collective are two facets of the Divine; they are not outside of the realm of the Divine, as everything is one. Let me give you an example, you might hurt you foot, but your foot is not a separate part of your body, it is one of the many parts of this body. A wound in your foot is going to have repercussions on the rest of the body, sending pain signals or spreading a potential infection. One thing affects all; one person affects everyone and everything else even in the most minute way.

The evolution of humanity is possible only through love. The new wave I have mentioned is making this much easier than it ever was. Being in the heart, means that first you must become aware of the energy center that is located where your actual heart is. The new vibration is allowing all of you and everything around you to vibrate at a higher frequency, meaning that if you start paying attention to your own energy, you are going to start feeling it, and the one of the heart is the strongest. Take the time to sit down, close your eyes, breathe gently and focus inward; feel your heart region, become conscious of it, do not question, analyze, just be in that moment, be in your heart. By doing that, you are going to facilitate the flow of energy, and open up all new possibilities. You will then respond to the vibration that is affecting the Earth and in turn, you are going to send out a new energy that is going to be picked up by others, allowing a change in the collective. That is how evolution happens; each of you has its role to play in the change of the whole. By allowing yourselves to reconnect with the love you come from, and you indeed are, you can consciously make the decision to help everybody else to do so. Love is the motor behind the evolution of your planet and all its inhabitants, but it is also its destination.


August 8, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

The world is changing. These changes are not only the ones you can see, the ones that are outside of you, these changes are also happening inside of you, and they are the most important ones. If you think of what I have said about all of you being part of one and about the fact that when you hurt someone else you hurt everyone else, including yourself, it becomes easy to understand that in the same manner, when you think or do in a positive way, you also affect the collective in the same way.

Do not think that the actions or the thoughts of one person are futile from a global point of view. Each drop of the ocean might seem benign taken individually, but each and every one of them is what makes the ocean. The same applies to the human realm and for this reason you have to become aware, at all times, of what you say, what you do and what you think. These three forms of expression of the way you live your life need to be modified; this is crucial at this point. The evolution of humanity depends on it.

Instead of the basic action of thinking, saying or doing, you have to go beyond by starting to think not only about what you are thinking, saying or doing, but also about the way you are doing it, the intent it carries and therefore the repercussions this is going to have. I know that most of you are going to find the idea of thinking of what to think a bit silly, but I assure you there is nothing silly about it because from the moment you start paying close attention, you are going to realize how many negative thoughts, words or actions are in your every day life. In fact, they constitute the majority. With all this constant individual negativity, it is impossible for the collective to be anything but negative.

The collective is the reflection of the individual. You want to see improvement in the affairs of the World but all you do is stand by, so nothing happens the way you would like as you always think answers come from the outside, or from others. You cannot keep on thinking this way; the change starts with each of you. This approach to life is crucial at this point; there cannot be any moving forward without a radical change in attitude. Again, the concept of being in the now applies here. What are you going to say, do or think right now? Does it have a positive or a negative connotation, and then how is it going to affect others or a given situation? From the moment you venture on this path, you will start, individually and consequently collectively, to change the course of things in a positive way. The vibration of the new wave is so strong that it increases your individual vibration, as well of the collective’s, therefore, there are two ways the energy can go: it can increase the negative or it can increase the positive and this is going to be your very own making. Humanity is at a crossroad, which path are you going to take for the next phase of your journey? The answer is yours. It is going to be what you choose it to be.

From the moment more and more people start thinking this way, it is going to snowball at an amazing speed. There are people who are already doing just that, but they are too few at this point to make a major difference. Stop seeing your differences, you all want the same things in life, you want love, peace, harmony. These can not be given to you, you have to project them and hence create them for yourself, and all of you, at the same time. If you knew the potential you really have to create a better world you dream of, you would not waste another minute and make it your new reality.  


August 12, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

The Earth and the Sky are transforming in ways that are going to be more and more apparent in the months to come. These changes are, of course, due to the new vibration that is affecting everything, everywhere. The astronomical configuration of your galaxy is in constant movement and the new elements that are coming into place now are affecting all the planets, including the earth, and will continue to do so even more. The astronomical movements, combined with the new vibration, are also affecting the earth from a geological point of view. No doubt you have noticed a difference in the frequency and intensity of phenomenon such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and climatic conditions in general. The earth is alive, like any other matter that is held together by energy, so it makes perfect sense that it reacts to the new vibration, which, by the way, is getting stronger and stronger. Indeed the frequency of this new energy has been increasing rapidly in the last while, and it will continue to do so, to the point where nobody will be able to ignore it. The manifestation of its impact will become more apparent, not only in the sky, or geologically, but also in the way it will affect human beings, physiologically as well as energetically.

Symptoms like increased fatigue, ringing in the ears, unexplained aches and pains, sensations of a sort of humming in the head or the heart region, are becoming more frequent and noticeable among humans. These are nothing but manifestations of the new vibration’s impact on the human body. There is nothing to be alarmed of, these symptoms are the body’s reaction, or adjustment if you prefer, to this new frequency. To become aware of this is important as it allows you to understand that your energy is not separate from the one that is around you, as you are one, not only from a human point of view, but you are also one with every living form sustained by the planet and with the planet itself.

You are not only affected physically, but also in your psyche. These two aspects go hand in hand, as they reflect the changes that are happening at every level. On a psychological level this translates in different ways; some of you are becoming more apathetic whereas others are increasingly restless. It is extremely important to become aware of why this is happening all over the planet, because in becoming conscious of the reason, you can change the way it expresses itself. Not understanding the reason behind the way humans are behaving these days is going to lead to more and more social, political and economic unrest, such as what you are witnessing all over the world right now. Unconscious reactions to the change of frequency, combined with a rising fear, can have nothing but devastating effects. This is why it is extremely important that more and more of you become aware of what is happening, so you can be in the heart, go with the flow of the vibration in a conscious way and therefore raise the collective energy in a most positive manner. Go back to what I said about being in the heart, it might seem too simple to you, but I assure you that it is the most powerful tool you have to help you go in the right direction.


August 16, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

By becoming aware of what you think, what to say and what you do, as well as being in the heart, implies of course that you let go of hatred, of revenge. It implies that you forgive individually, ethnically, collectively. In order to evolve, you need to let go of all the old patterns that obviously did not work because if they did, the world would not be what it is now. Forgiveness is essential; it actually should be evident to all of you. All this fighting, this destruction because people or groups of people cannot forgive keeps you locked up in negative emotions. Remember, you are one. What will it take to make you realize that? What is going to tip the balance towards more hatred and violence or towards forgiveness and love? The answer is always the same; you are the answer.

At the same time, you have to know that you are being helped by all of us here. As the new vibration has enveloped us as well, it has allowed us to vibrate at a different frequency. Until the arrival of this new energy, many of us worked on helping you during your journey on the earth plane. Now this situation has amplified to a degree where almost all of us devote ourselves in supporting you in these changing times. Our role is to assist you any way we can, and the more you become aware of this, the easier it becomes for us. All you have to do is ask. This evolution of humanity rests upon the fact that we all are one whether we are on this side of the veil or not. In my plane we are all aware of that whereas in yours, very few are. In fact, the goal in helping you progress is to balance our different planes of existence so the discrepancy between us disappears, so you can choose your reality, so you can decide which plane you want to evolve on, in perfect awareness.

Until now, but for a few exceptions, humans saw life as something that had a beginning and an end, without realizing that it is simply an episode of something much bigger. Thinking this way has kept you blind, and some individuals or groups of individuals have taken great advantage of this situation. In order for the universe to be more balanced, more harmonious, you need to get out of this pattern and that is why you are getting help from us, the ones who have experienced what it is to be a human being, but also from beings from other planes of existence. We all have a vested interest in your evolution, as we are all one. You see, humanity on earth is on the verge of a new phase, a new birth and we want to help you move into this with your eyes open, supporting you in any way we can because we love you, because you are part of us the same as we are part of you. The new energy does not have room for unbalance; it has only room for unity and harmony.


August 23, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

Events are unfolding at great speed right now. Not everybody is on the same wavelength. Some people, a minority that is thankfully growing, have been or are becoming aware of changes around them but also inside them, whereas others are still blindly going about their everyday life, stuck in their materialistic approach to life. As I differentiate between these two categories, I do not want you to think that I am passing a judgement; I am simply stating what is obvious to us from here. Each of you is opening up at his own pace, however, as more of you become aware, the more you are going to raise the collective vibration.

Changes are happening at all levels in your plane. The vibration of the living entity that is the earth is undergoing a tremendous rise, in direct correlation with the new energy that is sweeping the galaxy. It is responding to it down to its very core, and a shift is underway. I do not mean a shift that would make it go upside down, but a shift in its very essence. It is aligning itself to the new energy. For that reason, connecting with nature is extremely important right now because every form of life sustained by earth is automatically aligning with the vibration and you can greatly benefit from it. Your perception of reality combined with your rational ways of thinking is preventing you from aligning easily. Most of you are resisting, creating barriers around you. You are changing at a cellular level, like everything else, and even if you are not aware of it, your energy is shifting. By being in nature, you allow this connection to happen more easily, you allow your energy to harmonise with the earth.

To connect with nature can be done in very simple ways, it can be as simple as touching the leaf of a plant, watching a bird fly or petting an animal. What counts is the intent to connect and then the connection happens on its own. I have talked abut becoming attentive to your thoughts, your words and your actions, and the more you pay attention, the more you will start feeling a shift in your own energy. Changes are happening whether you are aware of them or not, and at this point you need to open up, because there will come a time when these changes are so overwhelming that they will come as a shock if you have been remained blind.

It is human nature to resist what is new, what is changing, but when change is inevitable your best recourse is to go with the flow, without resistance, without fear. The earth and all its life forms, except for humans, are adapting to this change in frequency very naturally; learn from them. Feel the change in your own vibration; welcome it, for it will guide you into the direction of your own evolution as a species. The time has come for a transformation the like of which has never been seen before. You might not realize it now, but each and every one of you has chosen to come back to your present life in order to be part of this evolution. So open your mind, open your heart, and ask for our help. Although we cannot interfere, we are here for you if you ask us. We can help you especially while you sleep. We have nothing but love for you.


August 29, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

In the last few days, the vibration is getting stronger. Its frequency has intensified and I am sure that many of you have consciously felt it. For those who are not aware of it, it has manifested itself in many different ways on an individual as well as on a collective level. Individually, a lot of you must have felt tired especially in the morning, under the weather without being necessarily sick, experienced physical pains for no apparent reasons, felt sensitive or simply irritable. On the collective side, tension is mounting on the social level and the Earth is manifesting itself strongly. All this is perfectly normal and should be recognized as such.

The increase in the intensity of the energy is there to help you open your eyes, but even more so, to open your heart. In parts of the World where people suddenly find themselves without a home or without social security, and therefore without their usual bearings, it is time to start reacting differently. Changes happen in times of turbulence, not when everything stays the same. Recognizing the fact that your bearings are falling apart is a step in the direction of change, because whether you want it or not, you are put in a position where you have to think differently, where you have to act differently. This process allows you to open up to others instead of being tuned inwards; you have to start thinking of others whether you need their help or whether you need to assist them. When everybody is put in the same situation, such as a natural disaster, there is a chance for all of you to support and assist each other, there is an opportunity to become One. Solidarity is an important step in understanding your oneness and in moving towards unity.

The time of selfishness and individuality is coming to an end. This is a crucial step in your evolution. The ego has to make place for oneness. Humans are driven by their ego and this has to stop now. You have to go beyond. Again, once more and more individuals become aware of it, and act accordingly, then the collective will follow. Do not wait for the others to change, start by changing yourself. You cannot live self-centered anymore; open up to others but also to yourself, and discover the beauty inside you. Let your inner light shine and light the path for others in truth and in unity.


September 6, 2011

Vladik. love you.

Freedom is an ideal everybody on Earth aspires to and depending on where you live, you have more or less of a chance to experience it. There are many kinds of freedom though; freedom of speech, freedom to do what you want, to go where you want, freedom of information of what really goes on, freedom of access to what belongs to the human race in any form that may take; those I call the basic forms of freedom you can experience as a human being. Although you all know that, most often, these are denied to people by others who think they are superior, by the ones whose ego has turned them into oppressors of their own kind.

There is also freedom of thought, as no matter what situation a person is in, thoughts can be formed by this person and remain his or her own. No one can rob you of your own thoughts.

Then there is the freedom to reconnect with that part of you that is your Higher Self. You do not need to die and leave your body to be in touch with your True Essence. The new wave of energy is indeed a wave of freedom, in that it is here to help dissolve all that is not truth and unity. All the walls erected by the lies, division, and oppression perpetrated by too many people on Earth, are starting to crumble. So this wave, because of its frequency, not only exposes what can not be anymore but also allows each of you to open up to a new way of being, to a chance of turning to the light and leaving behind the dark side of humanity. At this point, each of you has the choice to choose the path that leads to the Ultimate Freedom, which is the total reconnection with your Spirit in order to be what you really are, without falsification. Through this reconnection lies true unity, true Beingness, therefore, Ultimate Freedom. Freedom means that you are one with your true nature, and your true nature is Beingness in perfect unity with the rest of the Universe.

Some might think that there is freedom through death; this is an illusion. Until this new wave, except in extremely rare cases, after death, souls were confined to a dimension where the connection with the True Self was not complete. The reconnection happened only with a part of the True Self but not with the whole. This inability to reconnect completely is what induced the cycle of reincarnation, this desperate search for true Beingness through death, over and over again. Only those few, whose energy has vibrated at an exceptionally high frequency, have been able to escape this cycle and find real Freedom. Now that the vibration is being raised by this new wave, new possibilities are opening up like never before, and the cycle of reincarnation is being broken because the frequency allows the souls who chose this path to reconnect fully with their True Self, and become truly One with the Divine and the Universe.

Recently, many souls on this side of the veil have decided to incarnate one last time on the earth plane to experience the tremendous changes that are occurring right now. Most of them are doing so in order to live this experience with other souls they have lived many lives with, and that are presently on the earth plane. A lot have decided to go back to Earth at this point to help raise the vibration of the collective and facilitate the evolution of this plane of existence. Others, although they are few, are already experiencing their Beingness, but have decided not to leave their body yet in order to help all of you in this period of great transformation. Nevertheless, you are free to open up or partially close yourself to this new vibration. I say partially, as it is impossible for any soul presently on Earth to completely block itself from this new frequency. Still, any soul is free to choose its own direction.


September 12, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

The main brake to your own transformation, and therefore the transformation of the collective, is your Ego. The Ego is what prevents you from opening up to the others, but also to your own Freedom, to your reconnection with your Beingness.

Humans have this terrible habit of thinking primarily and mostly of themselves: I like this, I don’t like that, I want this, I want that, this or that makes me angry, upset, happy or unhappy, I feel terrible, I hate that, I am better than this person, I cannot stand this… The list could go on and on, but the point is that it is always about the self. It is like thinking that a drop in the ocean could be wetter than the other drops or that a tree could be more important to the forest than any other tree; that would not make sense, would it? Well, it is the same thing for human beings. By thinking only of you, acting in relation to you, you isolate yourself from the rest, and the rest is amputated from you. Your Ego is what cuts you off from evolving, and nothing and nobody can evolve independently from the Whole. Your hand cannot move or exist on its own if it is detached from your body. Furthermore, it is not simply a hand, it is a complex collaboration between muscles, bones, blood vessels, nerves, ligaments, down to each fibre and cell, and, of course, of the brain and the energy. If one of these parts does not function properly, it becomes crippling to the hand. Your Ego is the crippling element to the collective.

I have already talked about becoming aware of your words, your actions, your thoughts, and the reason why you should be aware of them, but now I am asking you to go further in becoming conscious of what is behind them as they can be fueled only by two things: Ego or Love. Anything that is not meant for the good of all, and in the respect of all, is the result of the Ego. Even people who devote themselves to helping others, no matter what forms it takes, can be driven by their Ego. The question is why are they doing it? Is it because they feel good about helping others, because they think it is the right thing to do or is it because it comes directly from the heart, out of pure Love with no hidden agenda whatsoever? Anything that it is not out of pure Love is driven by the Ego. How many of you can live their life devoid of Ego? I believe you know the answer.

What you need to understand is that your Essence is totally deprived of Ego. When you are in state of Beingness, there is nothing but pure Love and Oneness with the Divine and the rest of the Universe. And right now, you are on the verge of being able to reach the level where you can let go of the Ego, not only because suddenly all humans are willing to try a new approach in the way they live their lives, but because the new wave of energy that is upon you is giving you the opportunity to raise the vibration of your heart to a level where such a thing as living in the heart can become possible. I realize that the way the affairs of the World are going right now appears contrary to this concept; however, this turmoil is nothing but the ultimate struggle of the individual and collective Ego. From our side of the veil, we can see that more and more individuals are starting to let go of this struggle and this will create a shift in the collective. Do not forget that we are here for you; ask for our help. We love you.


September 19, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

The World, the Earth, the Galaxy and the Universe are in effervescence. Everything is vibrating at a higher frequency. We feel it very strongly on our plane and a lot of you are starting to feel it too, on yours. The alignment of several planets, which is going to take place in your Galaxy, is part of this higher frequency. Although different elements are put into place to help you go through major changes, I would like you to understand that despite the help that is being provided to you from us and also from other beings from other planes of existence and dimensions, you are the ones in charge of your destiny.

You are now in an extremely important phase in the evolution of Humanity, I would even say a crucial phase, and when I say “now”, I mean “now”. What was once recommended is now becoming vital. You are entering a new phase and because of that, you have to become more and more vigilant of how you approach it and how you conduct yourself in all circumstances. The Ego has to go, the Self has to go, to be replaced by the Collective. The “I” should step down in favor of the “We”, because I can tell you that this is the only direction you can go at this point.

Even though an evolution of the World is imminent, the degree of this evolution will depend directly on how you, the people of the Earth, are going to react. Unity is what will allow you to go to the next phase safely and in harmony. Unity from the heart is what is going to raise the collective consciousness. Right now, not enough of you are moving into this Unity, let alone are aware of what is going on. The vibration of the energy wave is here to help you raise your own vibration and open your consciousness; we are here to help you as well, but even if the road is paved, you are still the ones who need to walk that road. As more and more of you become aware of this vital need to unite, to become “We” instead of keeping yourself isolated behind “I”, things will start to change.

You know how it sometimes takes an important event to shake your personal life and to make you realize what is more important - I am talking about all these opportunities that are there in order to wake you up to new understandings, to new ways to evolve on your path - well, these opportunities are going to become more visible on the collective level. Only big events seem to be able to shake the way a person lives her life, and the same approach stands for the collective. Only majors events, events that have the power to shake each and every one of you - no matter who you are, how old you are, how rich you are - have the potential to bring you together as the Human Race. These events, whether they are the results of changes occurring in the Sky or in the Earth itself, are what is going to give this opportunity to shake the collective approach of what you are, who you are, and what you should do. Transformation never happens when things are as usual, sometimes it takes major events to shake you down to the core. Indeed, it might take extraordinary events to shake the collective consciousness and make you realize that your salvation resides only in Unity. Unity is the unavoidable requirement to raise the collective consciousness and therefore the evolution of Humanity.

Stop running around like mindless individuals, open your eyes, open your heart and start acting accordingly. The illusion of your lives and the World around you is rapidly falling apart. The shock of this transformation can only be absorbed collectively through the heart. Talking to others about these concepts might not change their way of thinking, of acting or of being, but if you start being in the heart and allow your inner Light to reconnect with the Light of the Divine, you will emanate a different energy and that will help others on the way to Unity.


September 26, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

In this period of transformation many people are taking advantage of the collective fear of the unknown related to natural occurrences, social unrest and the spectrum of economic collapse. These people can be political leaders who are solely driven by their Ego, concerned with their power, and everything that comes with it. They have no intention of letting go of what they have gained, and the last thing they want is to see a collective Unity flourish at any level whatsoever. Unity is a threat to them. These people are doing whatever is in their power to preserve what they have gained and they are ready to use any means to maintain their status by way of violence, repression, or through more insidious maneuvers and lies that might appear like a genuine effort to cooperate or mediate with others.

Economic and financial leaders have even more power and right now, their strategy, triggered by their insatiable thirst of power and money, is catching up with them and with the rest of the World. The system that has ruled the Earth up to now is unsustainable, and is finally falling apart, like all that is part of the illusion.

Religious leaders are also seeing their power fade away. Centuries and centuries of oppression of the people under the pretext of religion are showing the cracks as some religions are losing the overwhelming status they once had, while others excite their followers in a desperate attempt to overpower the others. It is sad to see, from our plane, that none of them have really understood about Love, Unity, and Truth, and put it into practice. Love in the Divine sense; Unity as you are truly One; Truth as Love and Unity are the only foundation of life on a spiritual level. You are all equal parts of the All; you are all part of the Divine. There cannot be a hierarchy among souls even though they are not all at the same stage on their path. Not being at the same stage does not mean being better or worse, it does not mean being superior or inferior to any other soul on your plane of existence or on any other plane. Every soul has its own path within the existence of the All.

At present and in the times to come many people are going to pose as gurus, spiritual teachers or leaders. Among these people, some will indeed have reached a certain level of spiritual evolution or elevation, and will think it is their role to guide others on the path of awakening. On the other hand, others will just take advantage of the widespread uncertainty in the future, loss of direction and overall anxiety, and pretend to be enlightened in the sole purpose to gain power over others. In one case or the other, only Ego is guiding their intentions and their actions, as even with the best intention, no one can put himself in a position to teach or lead others in a certain direction. That position is only the reflection of Ego in action as in order to truly help others, one needs only to be in the heart and vibrate the energy of Love with no intention of leading or helping, but just Being.

Beware of all the false leaders, prophets, gurus or saviors of Humanity. Do not trust their words or their actions, do not be fooled; only trust your Heart, follow its vibration and your deep intuition. The vibration of the New Energy helps you in that way; take the time to feel it. You are the only one who can allow yourself to walk the path of transformation, of Unity and therefore of Reconnection with the Divine. Trust in yourself. You are not your status in society, you are not your racial identity, you are solely your Essence. At this point in time in the evolution of the Earth that is all you need to be.


October 3, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

Open your eyes, open your heart, let go of all the old patterns as they are becoming not only useless, but indeed harmful for you, individually and especially collectively. Become children again in your heart, forget and forgive whatever wrong was done to you, because you too, you most likely did wrong to others in your life. Sometimes it does not take much to hurt someone deeply even if what was done or said was unintentional. To become like a child again means to be pure in your heart. Look at children. Do they hurt others? Do they resent others? Are they concerned by the affairs of the world around them? No, children live in the moment, in the now, and because of that, they are open to everything new that comes their way. Their heart is pure and their energy vibrates at a different frequency than the one of the adults because they are still impregnated with the energy from where they come from.

In the last few years, and especially now, the souls that are coming to the Earth plane are there to elevate the frequency of the collective energy, but also to live the experience that is the transformation of the World and the Universe from the point of view of a human being. In fact, most of you, who are incarnated on Earth right now, have consciously chosen to come back for this specific reason. The difference between you and these children is that you are not conscious about it, whereas they are. It is a unique moment in the history of Humanity that is unfolding right now.

I have mentioned that the cycle of reincarnation is ending and because of that, many souls wanted to experience this last incarnation on Earth, which explains why there are so many people on Earth at present. You should also know that numerous entities that have never been incarnated on Earth before have decided to incarnate at this specific time. The purpose of this incarnation is purely and essentially to raise the frequency of the collective during this period of transformation. These entities are rarely in the public eye, they are the ones nobody usually pays attention to. This anonymity allows them to work to the full potential of their mission. They are not here to lead or guide, they are here to raise the frequency in order to ease the transition into the transformation.

The more you become conscious of the changes that are happening, and the more you experience them with an open mind and open heart, the easier the transition is. Children have no problem adjusting to the new vibration because they already are in tune with it. Let go of the old ways, free yourselves from the burden of all that you do not need in every aspect of your life, go back to the basics. Become children again.


October 10, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

As you are moving toward the end of the year, you are also moving toward the end of the cycle of individual and collective unconsciousness. It is interesting for us to see that more and more of you are waking up from this coma of the consciousness you have been in. Waking up does not mean to be fully aware yet, but it is the beginning, and from our side we are very pleased to see that more and more of you are starting to pull the veil aside. The more that are doing so, the more others are following, and this is spreading at a speed we did not expect.

When we now look at the all of Humanity, it is like looking at a city lighting up at dusk, one light at a time, and the glow is becoming brighter and brighter, each new individual light casting light on the path of others. I would not say that the World is glowing at this stage, but the spark generated by each person waking up is another step towards tearing the darkness of numbness, of sleep, of unconsciousness.

You have to understand that now that this process is increasing exponentially, it is happening faster and faster. All the elements are presently in place for you to evolve from the point of view of the Universe; the last element that needs to move into place is you, the human beings. I realize that for most humans it might seem like there is a long way to go before the evolution of Mankind, but it all depends of what you mean by evolution. Do not forget that you are your own evolution. Of course, we are here to help, and the new energy is upon you, getting more potent and palpable for more and more people, but your individual willingness to shed the old patterns in favour of a simpler way to approach life and all the ones you share the Earth with, is what is making this evolution possible.

I will say it again, the individual is what feeds the collective, and when the willingness of the collective to change becomes more important than the resistance of the individuals, then the evolution really begins. You cannot be half asleep or half awake, it does not work this way. Either you are asleep or you are awake, and from a collective perspective, this state is changing more now than it has in the whole of human history.

You have to understand that there is no turning back, now that the light is spreading. Less and less of you want to be in the dark. Therefore, it is no more a matter of what is happening but more how it is happening. Your part is to become aware, to wake up and start being in the heart as much as you can, in all aspects of your life. You have to understand that this is essential to ease the way into the evolution of the Earth and its inhabitants as gently as possible, so when the collective awareness has reached the tipping point of the transition towards the Awakening of Humanity, this transition will not be a shock for most of you. The new vibration is the change, is the evolution, and it is happening now, you are the ones who can make it happen more easily, more gently. Take the time to think about it, slow down, pray, meditate.


October 18, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

The Earth is changing in its innermost structures. It is a living entity and therefore it is also affected by the new energy. One thing that humans do not realize is that the whole Universe is alive and that absolutely everything within this universe vibrates at its own frequency and has a pulse just like your own heart. Because most of you do not feel the energy and do not even think in terms of energy, you have a hard time understanding that there is life outside your narrow definition of what is alive and what is not.

Your concept of life is very limited and has actually become narrower throughout the ages; this has isolated you. Numerous civilisations, that have now disappeared, had a knowledge far beyond your present understanding of life and of the fact that energy is the interconnecting factor in the Universe. Most of these ancient civilisations have left the Earth of their own will, going to other dimensions, while others have been annihilated, along with their culture, by other civilisations. In these later cases, a few have survived and managed to preserve some elements of their culture throughout the ages. These ancient civilisations had something in common; they understood the interconnection of the Earth and the rest of the Universe, as well as everything that is part of it. Their understanding of the Universe is now being rediscovered or voluntarily revealed by their survivors, and all of you should pay attention for it can help you in this period of transition.

Now that the new Vibration is permeating every corner of the Universe, the living organism that is the Earth is attuning to the new frequency and experiencing a mutation like a bud ready to blossom into a flower. This alignment process, in tune with the rest of the Universe, is visible on the surface of the Planet and will continue to be for a while, but the biggest transformation is actually happening deep in its core. The energy of the core is now vibrating at a new frequency never experienced before. You see, you are not the only ones going through a period of transformation, it is happening at all levels. A Universal Shift is literally taking place.

All the elements in the Universe are aligning one with the others, for the time has come where there cannot be any more dissonance. Dissonance creates chaos and your World is chaotic because you are not in tune with each other, with the rest of the inhabitants of the Planet, and with the Earth itself. Once more, by becoming conscious of this, you can help balance this dissonance, and in our plane we know it is crucial that you start doing so now, for there is no place for unbalance in this Shift. Balance can only come from letting go of the resistance to change, of the fear of the unknown by shutting down the mental and allowing the heart to take over in order to align smoothly and in harmony with the Earth and the rest of the Universe.


October 25, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

In order to better align yourself to the new vibration and be in a position to become aware of its frequency, I suggest you meditate. That being said, I need you to understand the difference between praying and meditating.

When an individual prays, he generally addresses God, or whom or what he acknowledges as the Divine or his helpers according to his belief system. During that time of contemplation the person usually talks mentally or verbally, therefore conveying thoughts, and often enough, this monologue contains the elements of a request. These requests can be classified in two categories; they can take the form of a request of a personal nature (for the individual itself or his/her loved ones) or of a request aimed at the collective. One way or the other, there is a request, and when there is a request there is automatically an expectation. From the moment you have an expectation you cannot be in the moment, in the now, because you are projecting what is in your mind or in your heart, which is to say that you are projecting something that emanates from you. What comes from you is by definition restrictive because you cannot avoid thinking or projecting in relation to your perception of reality, and therefore, you bind the energy that accompanies these thoughts.

The process of meditation is quite different. Ideally, being totally devoid of any thought is the ultimate state to be in while meditating, but how many can achieve that? Very, very few people indeed. The purpose of meditation is to be simply in the now without questions, requests or expectations, because when you are in this state, you are open to whatever needs to take place at all the subtle and unconscious levels, resulting eventually in a new awareness on a conscious level. How does any body know what is best for them, for the others, or whatever they wish for? Well, they do not. Without request or projection, there is no expectation, and without expectation, there is total openness, total freedom for what needs to be, to simply Be. By being in that state one can start shedding the constraints of what is perceived as reality and connect, not only with that part of herself that is her higher self and her Beingness, but also with the Whole, with the Divine. This is part of the evolution that is underway, and your transition into this evolution can be largely facilitated through your letting go, through abandoning yourself without any restraint.

This process is not as difficult as you may think. It just involves relinquishing control of thoughts and the control your thoughts have on you. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to sit, or lie down if you need to, in a quiet place where you are not going to be disturbed for a while (this can be only for a few minutes). It is best to have your back straight; if you are inside, where you sit or how you sit is of no importance, whereas if you intend to meditate outside, it is preferable to sit on the ground if your physical condition allows you to do so. Once you are comfortable, close your eyes and become aware of your breathing. All you have to do then is to concentrate on your breathing by feeling the air going in and out of you. You can concentrate on the brushing of the air on the outline of your nostrils or on the ebb and flow of the air in your lungs. That is all you have to do, and the more you do it, the easier it is to focus on these sensations and to let go of everything else. In the beginning, it is almost inevitable to have thoughts crossing your mind, so as soon as you become aware of them, avoid fighting or giving them credit, simply go back to concentrating on your breathing. Being in that state will allow you to naturally attune yourself to the new vibration and to ease your way physically and spiritually into the universal process of the evolution.


November 1, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

The end of the year is going to show an increase in activities at many levels: social, economic, political, climatic, energetic and also spiritual. This trend will be even more blatant over the next year. It is an inevitable step in the new direction that the Earth and its inhabitants are taking in relation to their own evolution, but also in relation to the rest of the Universe. It is like the shedding of an old skin as the new one is about to emerge.

During this period of acceleration of transformation it is extremely important to meditate, to rest. As far as most of you are concerned, your rational mind is resisting what is happening, and in many instances, your body is paying the price of this resistance. I am sure that many of you have noticed an increase in the number of people around you who are suffering from various illnesses. This increase in ailment of the world population is even more noticeable in the Western world where the majority of people have disconnected themselves from their environment and nature, but from their own nature as well. This disconnection, coupled with their isolation from each other and their estrangement from their true nature, is a major factor of unbalance.

A vast majority of Westerners are primarily concerned by the material aspect of life, which is the biggest illusion of all. Material gain and possessions cannot feed your soul, they can only feed your ego, and the ego is on its way out. The ego is the obstacle between who you think you are and who you are in reality. This need to possess more and more has only inflated your ego and disconnected you more and more from your true nature. The constant struggle you put out to keep up with this need, in order to stay on top of this lifestyle, is what is generating illness. The more you want, the more you have to cut off yourself from your true nature; can’t you see there is no possible peace in that?

You resist any change that could upset your material life, you think only of yourselves and your immediate family, without caring what happens to your neighbor or for that matter, to the rest of the world, as long as you come first. How long do you think you can keep on doing this? You come from Oneness, from pure love and you spend your life ignoring that vital aspect of yourself, burying it under a mountain of material acquisitions and considerations. The body cannot cope energetically with this constant suffocation of your true nature, and illness sets in.

Illness is the individual expression of the cultural mass disease your society has created just as poverty and pollution are its collective expressions. This unbalance within the self as well as the one within the collective has reached an unsustainable level. Your needs and your greed, whether they are individual or collective, have resulted in a disastrous state of the World - literarily on the brink of collapse - and now that the whisper of transformation is becoming audible by more and more of you, you have to ask yourselves why you have shut your eyes and your true nature for so long, why you have turned your back from each other, and where you want to go from now. The only true power is the power of the heart, the power of love in the pure sense of the word, for the others - all of them without any discrimination - but also for yourself. You cannot hurt the others directly or indirectly without hurting your self as you are One. This realization is where the individual and collective healing start.


November 8, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

Change is at your door, evolution is unavoidable, but the outcome is what you are going to make of it. Each and every one of you needs to take responsibility not only for himself and his family, but also for all the human beings and all the life forms that inhabit the Earth. You need to take responsibility as well for the Earth itself. You cannot close your eyes and pretend you do not know what is happening anymore; these times are over.

With all the technology you have at hand, it is so easy to keep informed, to see beyond the images and the words that some would want you to believe as being true. How can you believe that entire populations are being repressed for their own good? How can you believe that the systematic devastation of the Earth for its natural resources is good for the economy and benefits all of you? How can you believe all these lies when you see what is happening to the World? You are at the point where you need to take a stand, either you make the choice to ignore what is happening and keep on living your illusion or you discard the mask that has blinded you for too long, and clearly state your intention in regards to yourself, the rest of Humanity and the Earth.

I have talked about unity before and it is imperative you understand that it is the only way for you to go. Again, do not wait for evolution to happen as an outside event; this evolution resides in you even though you are receiving help from various sources such as us, other beings from other galaxies and other planes of existence, as well as the new energy. Let’s say that the perfect conditions are provided to you at this specific time, but the way you make use of these conditions to further your evolution is entirely up to you.

Becoming involved in the evolution of Humanity does not entail the use of violence or going to war against governments, big corporations or the few individuals who think they own the World because of their wealth. The statement of your intentions towards unity of the collective, through your heart, is your best tool to change the mess you, your ancestors, and also yourselves in previous lives, have allowed yourselves to be in. Now that you have lived that experience for thousands of years, it is time to move on to another phase. I wish to remind you as well, that you have all decided to reincarnate at this time to face this challenge and be part of this evolution.

When one meditates, her vibration is transformed, affecting her energy field, which in turn affects the collective energy field. Imagine what is going to happen when more and more of you consciously project your will for a radical change of the way you want to be treated, of the way you are willing to treat others, of your opening to Love and fairness for all, of your will to become One again in total consciousness. For some of you, it will take being secure within a group of people with the same views and intentions; you have examples of that happening in different parts of the World right now. For others, all it is, is a new conscious approach of their individual daily life, on the way they relate to the material, to the spiritual, on how they impact the others, one smile at a time. It is not the big visible events that have the biggest impact; it is the accumulation of all the small ones multiplied by each individual that is going to take you towards the purpose of your evolution, which is to go back to the initial state of Oneness with the Whole, with the Divine.

I beg all of you to go deep into your heart and spread the awareness around you of the absolute necessity to raise the vibration of Love on Earth, as One. You can do it, you need to do it. You have no idea how powerful the collective energy of Love is, and once you find out, I can assure you that you will never, ever want to go back to the dissociated state you are in now.


December 5, 2011

Vladik. Love you.

Mom, I have said what needed to be said, what needed to be heard. Each of you should follow his/her heart. Be in the heart, in the now, that is the only place to be.

My love is with you all.

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